RODDOR is an unparalleled winery management software solution that enables successful wineries to convert their prospects to customers – seamlessly and quickly.

We understand that winery management is a unique and niche market and that you require a unique and niche solution to manage the many facets of your business.  RODDOR is that solution.

RODDOR will save you time, money and resources and allow you to get back to the important things – like growing your business!

RODDOR has successfully run and managed its own server park since 1999 with an impressive annual up time of 99.94%. No more sleepless nights for you worrying about up-time, data integrity or security.

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One Solution For All Your Winery Management Needs

The Support

The Software

RODDOR knows the importance of client support.  When you are part of the RODDOR family, you are guaranteed 24/7 Server and end user support.   Evenings? Weekends? Holidays? No worries – we’ve got you covered.

The Servers

RODDOR provides you with holistic solutions to manage all of your winery management needs - from mail, calendaring, tasks, sales, supplier and invoice management to rooms reservations and much more - all in one Solution.